David & Estibaliz Wedding

David & Estibaliz Wedding

David & Estibaliz Wedding

Logotype, gold engraved invitations and gift for attendees

“Everyone knows there is no more demanding customer than yourself, but this time the challenge was to design the identity, invitations and details for my own wedding guests and is more complicated when it also has to like to your wife”.

David Mubien


Neon yellow, graffiti and design were the ingredients. We wanted to surprise guests with a handmade invitation engraved in gold and customized with irregular spray lines on which we wrote the name of each guest. The wedding detail is a notebook made with high quality materials and a guest book with leather cover engraved in dry and gold.


Art Direction: David Mubien
Creative Direction: David Mubien
Bookbinding: Victor Carrillo / Eduardo Carrillo
Photography: Adrián Castanedo

Project featured in:

Book – In love with me – Wedding Stationery Design (Hong Kong)
Book – Colour Inspiration (Guangzhou)
beyondbeyond.co.uk – Envy never looked so good!
KontentAPP – Branding My Wedding

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