Charly Gusto

Brand development for a Marketing expert with British origins.


Michael Doyle AKA Charly Gusto is a successful marketing professional with an intense eagerness to provide excellent results in every project. He came to us looking for a personal and elegant identity which had to reflect his British origin.


Michael Doyle




Branding, Art Direction


Professional Services

What we did

We designed a unique symbol based on his initials; the color palette is inspired by the British flag that evokes his origins. A marbled paper texture complete the branding – giving personality and dynamism to the visual identity.

In-house production

The marbled paper used in the identity was handcrafted in our studio, with this paper as a path, we designed 40 different business cards using a different portion of the paper for each one.

Creative/Art Direction David Mubien

Production Mubien

Photography Adrián Castanedo

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