Fuente Real

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Fuente Real’s story begins with a fictional character named Amelia, a botany scholar, and lover who traveled with her husband to the New World advising him on the sugar cane trade business. During their trips to the Caribbean, Amelia studied numerous species of exotic plants, some of which today are the main characters of Fuente Real’s beautiful gardens, highlighting the varieties of palm trees, a symbol of success and fortune after the “Americas” were born. Together with the interior designer Coti of Pardo Interior firm we had the task to create the identity of this new boutique apartments.

The challenge not only consisted of creating a visual identity, but also memorable storytelling that managed to connect the visitor with the building’s history, making them travel back in time with today’s hospitality comfort. The concept behind the Fuente Real logo is simple, connecting the elements of the Palm + Fountain.


Fuente Real




Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Motion, UI/UX, Storytelling, Interior Design



Creative Direction David Mubien

Art Direction Javier Ochoa, Daniel Iglesias

Production Mubien

UI/UX Javier Ochoa

Web Development Ángel Perez

Interior Design Pardo Interior

Photography Víctor Mubien, Daniel Iglesias, Sergio Cuevas

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