Kaos Engineering

Technology applied to electric mobility


Kaos Engineering is a leading enterprise in research and development that has been designing, manufacturing and innovating in new technologies for over 35 years.

Competition engineering sets the foundations of the design and development of their products. Thanks to this they are pioneers in the creation of technology applied to electric mobility.

The new logotype is derived from Kaos Engineering’s own “K” which takes the form of a lightning bolt that resonates visually with the name. The diagonal and cutting lines suggest the shape of lightning bolts of electricity in their most literal form, creating a system that conveys movement in perfect synchronicity.

The visual system plays with the idea of showing and hiding elements, like a flash.

Neon yellow color, mixed with the sharp symbol and the bold typeface makes the identity drift to modernity, futurism, and technology.</p


Kaos Engineering




Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Motion, UI/UX



Creative Direction David Mubien

Art Direction Javier Ochoa, Daniel Iglesias, Illán Vega

Production Mubien

UI/UX Javier Ochoa

Motion/3D Daniel Iglesias

Photography Víctor Mubien

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