La Riojana

Charming restaurant rebranding inspired by wine and vineyards.


La Riojana is a Restaurant & Bar that offers contemporary cuisine with quality product carefully cooked with love. Raul & María entrusted us to carry out the branding of their family-owned restaurant.


La Riojana




Branding, Art Direction, Illustration


Food & Drink

What we did

This dynamic identity is inspired by La Rioja, an autonomous community of Spain known worldwide for its wines and vineyards. The color palette, illustrations, logotypes, and patterns capture the essence of this charismatic place.

In-house production

The menu folders were carefully hand-crafted in our workshop, using different fabrics, leather, stamps & color plan papers. The menu interiors were prepared in order to allow the restaurant team to self-print with a regular home printer.

Creative/Art Direction David Mubien

Photography Víctor Mubien

Production Mubien

Signage/Wayfinding David Mubien

Interior Design Paula Andrés

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