Equestrian Hotel

Niditas is an equestrian hotel specializing in romantic surprises. We worked on the naming, the visual identity and developed the business concept with the owners.

Noelia and Octavio are like chickadees; science says that this bird species is capable of starving before leaving it couple. Inseparably together, Noelia and Octavio have decided to help all those who feel chickadees live the love at its best.

All the stationary was crafted in Mubien’s workshop using different textured papers, wood, leather and bronze stamping.


Art Direction: David Mubien
Creative Direction: David Mubien
Photography: Victor Mubien, Sergio Cuevas.
Production: Victor Mubien, Eduardo Carrillo
Video: Edicionpro
Interior Design: Pardo interior

Project featured in:

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