Pardo Family

Pardo Family

Rebranding & brand strategy for a group of stores

Pardo Family is a group of specialized stores that have been caring for the quality and exclusivity of their products for decades as well as the look of their stores. They are now in a moment of generational renewal, it’s a time to change mentality and work to search new opportunities and reach new goals. They came to Mubien in search of a solid brand strategy that clearly identifies the sector of each store and its values as a family based business.


We’ve worked in the naming of the group turning from Tiendas Pardo into Pardo Family, we identify the sector of each store adding its target audience to the name (Pardo chica, Pardo chico, Pardo infantil…). We’ve developed their visual identity achieving an aseptic result that allows the change of colors and patterns during the different seasons. We also designed and managed the installation of signage and redesign their website and online store.


Art Direction: David Mubien
Creative Direction: David Mubien
Photography: Victor Mubien, Sergio Cuevas

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