Selected Europe 2016

Selected Europe 2016

Design and production of schedule for a design event

SELECTED is a two-day event celebrated in Bilbao every year. It is focused on visual creativity and inspiration across multiple design disciplines. From graphic design, illustration and new media, to photography, concept art and innovative design; this event is gathering artists, creative professionals and students from all around Europe.


Taken from the famous Style Wars graffiti documentary, we based the schedule on a campaign that was launched in New York in 1982 to keep young people away from graffiti and turned the slogan “Make your mark in society, not on society” using graffiti itself to invert the message. We made each program one by one using different stamping prints over a Tintoretto Ceylon Curry and Black Pepper paper.


Art Direction: David Mubien
Production: Victor Mubien, Eduardo Carrillo
Photography: Victor Mubien

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