The RaDD

The Research and Development District


​​​​​​​Soon to be a new office, lab, and retail space, The Research and Development District (The RaDD) represents the largest urban commercial waterfront site along California’s Pacific Coast.

The name “RaDD” is a play on words with the urban expression “RAD = cool”. The visual identity is developed to feature the versatility of the place, blending different elements of the science, military, and urban culture: the α (Alpha), a symbol used on science and leadership, the American Flag, used as grid to represent San Diego as a Gateway to the United States, the Morse Code as a nod to the American Naval Roots, and the Urban Lifestyle to highlight the RaDD’s location as the “it” destination.






Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Motion, UI/UX


Real Estate

iPhone 12 Pro Mockups by Asylab

Creative Direction David Mubien

Art Direction Javier Ochoa, Daniel Iglesias, David Mubien

UI/UX Javier Ochoa

Motion Daniel Iglesias

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you see?


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