Rebranding for a trendy Spanish seaside restaurant & bar.


VORS is a restaurant & bar located in the bay of Santander. VORS is a dynamic restaurant with a close staff, a new gastronomic concept that combines respect for the product, traditional Cantabrian cuisine, and complementary spaces to enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, a drink or a coffee in a comfortable environment.


Workshop Built Inc.




Branding, Art Direction, UI/UX, Illustration



What we did

We completely redesigned the brand, taking into account some typographic details of the previous logo resulting in a new symbol, different stamps and patterns. The visual universe includes more than 406,000 hi-res images of public-domain from The MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

What we accomplished

The result is a dynamic and elegant brand that fits perfectly with the restaurant and its preferred customers.

In-house production

We handcrafted the menu-folders for the different spaces in order to bring an exclusive experience depending on where the client sits. On top of that, we created an origami menu that customers can take and share.

Creative/Art Direction David Mubien

Photography Víctor Mubien

Production Mubien


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