Workshop Built

Branding for a Growth Agency in San Diego, CA.


Workshop Built is a marketing agency whit the main objective of stand out with the quality of the work and the involvement with their clients. The client needed a concept and a brand capable of communicating their work philosophy.


Workshop Built Inc.




Branding, Art Direction, UI/UX, Illustration



What we did

We created an identity inspired by the original craftsmen; printers, carpenters, blacksmiths… and their tremendous personal stake in meeting their customer’s needs through bespoke work of exceptional quality and durability.

What we accomplished

We built a concept with a story behind and an attractive and meaningful visual identity

In-house production

To get the stationery aligned with the philosophy and identity of Workshop, we handcrafted each piece at our studio using 20th-century printing machines, ecological paper, and 100% recycled cardboard.

Creative/Art Direction David Mubien

Photography Víctor Mubien

Production Mubien

Signage/Wayfinding David Mubien

Signage Production Nate DeYoung


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